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Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas
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Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas

First the sad news…..

With the Florida voters passing Amendment 13 prohibiting wagering on greyhound racing, all 11 of Florida’s remaining race tracks will be closed by the end of 2020. There are only 6 other greyhound race tracks left across the country. Breeding of greyhound pups has virtually ceased, broods have been sent to adoption programs and greyhound farms and training facilities are closing. It is becoming almost impossible to find greyhounds to bring to Las Vegas for adoption. GPALV will not be conducting any more hauls, home visits for new adopters and will cease fundraising.

For current adopters, we may have relinquishment’s available in the future.

And the good news…..

We have placed over 700 ex-racers over the almost 25 years and will be here to support any relinquished greyhound, displaced greyhound and any greyhound in need for whatever reason.  Our telephone line will remain active for any calls regarding lost or found dogs so that we can assist with getting them home. We will keep our Facebook page active and have added a private group for our adopters – ‘Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas Adopters’ – but will close our web site in 2020. We will not be renewing our PO Box and will use a private address for mail.

Bottom line is we will be here for the dogs. There will remain a skeleton crew dedicated to assuring that the dogs we have placed over the years have the support they need. We will rehome any greyhounds that become available.

On behalf of the the Board of Directors we want to thank all of our volunteers for all of their hard work over the years. You have played a huge part in making the lives of ex-racers safe and loving an brought happiness to so many families.

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